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Maths Dance Project

The MATHS DANCE on tour is a collection of Creative Learning workshops that can be brought to schools by our team of well trained MATHS DANCE teachers for a special cross-curricular event. MATHS DANCE on tour activities are designed to cultivate students’  imagination and creativity, stimulate mathematical thinking and support the development of problem solving skills, develop students’ physical skills and movement quality, improve communication and encourage team work.

Each of the MATHS DANCE on tour workshops activities covers a National Curriculum maths topic which has been enriched with movement and has been differentiated effectively, so that it meets the requirements of an inclusive classroom.

The MATHS DANCE on tour workshops should be seen as an enrichment activity to support the curriculum of both maths and dance. Schools will be provided with a resource pack including detailed lesson plans and suggested extension activities.

The touring workshops can be tailored to suit various age ranges, from KS1 to KS3 (ages 5-14).


The MATHS DANCE on tour  workshops:

Sculptures of bonds (KS1)

Multiplying bodies (KS1)

A story for shapes (KS2)

Dancing Ratios (KS2-KS3)

Parts of the whole (KS2-KS3)

Dancing Data (KS2-KS3)

Moving Patterns (KS1-KS3)

Dancing Combinations (KS3)


The MATHS DANCE on tour workshops format

Sessions for KS1 typically last 30 minutes and sessions for KS2-3 last 60 minutes, each involving about 30 children – you organise the time how you wish, to suit your timetable. Setting up and packing down the workshop take about half an hour each.

The presence of a teacher is required for each session and any other help is most welcome! Please note that the recommended ratio of helpers to younger students (Y2 and below) is 1:5. All parents and family members are welcome to join our workshops as helpers. This is a great opportunity for them to support their children’s learning and experience this special event first hand. We also encourage support from motivated and enthusiastic older students to participate and support their younger peers.


A MATHS DANCE on tour workshop follows a specific, tried and tested structure:

  • Warm up

Each session starts with a physical warm up which is linked to the maths topic.  During this part, the students are introduced to and get familiar with the dance vocabulary, which will be then used throughout the session.

  • Stimulus

The stimulus inspires a maths conversation. It is the initiating point for students to start thinking and talking about maths and can have a variety of forms: it can be an inspiring choreography, a picture, a music track, a mathematical puzzle, an object or a short film – all with maths hidden within.

  • Creative Tasks & Mathematical Explorations

This is the main part of the session and consists of an alternation of activities that encourage exploration of the mathematical topic, experiment and risk taking, sharing ideas, work in teams as well as on solo tasks and creating dances which communicate the maths topic. For group activities, students are divided in groups of 3-5.

  • Cool down & Reflection

The last part of each session consists of a few minutes of silence, during which students are invited to reflect on their learning. These few minutes of contemplation is a very important part of the session, as we really believe that thinking and reflecting leads to creativity.

MATHS DANCE on tour  is also suitable for summer schools, weekend and evening events, Arts Weeks, Maths Weeks, Science weeks and more.


Venue & Facilities Required

The MATHS DANCE on tour workshop can take place anywhere: in the classroom, the playground, in the school’s hall or dance studio. However, from our experience so far, the best space for the workshop would probably be the hall or dance studio.

We require the following facilities:

  • Laptop
  • Projector or Interactive Whiteboard (if available and the workshop is inside)
  • Sound System with music player or CD facilities
  • Flipchart and paper


Cost and booking

The fee for a MATHS DANCE on tour visit is

£295  for an hour

£395 for two hours

£445 for a half day (e.g. 8.30am – 1.30pm, including setting up, packing away and a short break)

£595 for a full day (e.g. 8.30am-4.30pm, including setting up, packing away and two half an hour breaks)

Additionally, there will be charges for public transport/ train travel expenses from London and, where necessary, for overnight accommodation.

For information or to make a provisional booking please email us to confirm a date.

Please note our cancellation policy before making a booking.