Our services’ benefits

In Maths Dance we see both mathematics and dance as languages and forms of communication.

According to the company’s philosophy on Maths Education as well as on our will to support the local communities, the importance of our services lies on various parameters:

– From a cognitive and mathematical point of view our classes, workshops and professional development sessions aim to provide perceptual and variability in the delivery of a mathematical topic. The mathematical concepts are introduced in a different physical context. Students and participants are encouraged to view these concepts from a different conceptual perspective. Perceptual and mathematical variability are the two parameters that enhance the two basic cognitive processes in maths: abstraction and generalisation.

– Mathematics becomes fun and entertaining. This automatically changes the students’ attitude towards the subject and increases the possibility of raising attainment.

– Maths Dance gives the opportunity to children who would never have the opportunity to participate in a dance lesson, get extra support in maths or watch a dance performance with their parents, to experience mathematics through movement within the safe environment of their schools.