Our philosophy & aims

The philosophy of Maths Dance encompasses fundamental elements of kinaesthetic mathematics teaching and learning: discussion and development of language and logical reasoning skills, enrichment of the mathematical vocabulary, physical spatial and artistic as well as abstract maths exploration, learning outside the classroom environment, cultivation of imagination and creativity, collaboration and group work and finally learning through interaction and multisensory activation.


The company’s aims are:

  1. To promote a holistic educational model, where the two ostensibly opposite curriculum subjects of mathematics and dance are linked and taught together.
  2. To offer to the students a fun, entertaining and physical way of experiencing mathematics.
  3. To give students confidence in doing maths.
  4. To raise the participant students’ engagement, understanding and performance in mathematics.
  5. To improve the way the dance curriculum is delivered.
  6. To enrich the whole educational experience of students in the schools.