Mission statement

Founded in 2013, MATHS DANCE is an award-winning, non-profit making company dedicated to the teaching, learning and communication of mathematics through movement.



Maths Dance Project_Old Vicarage SchoolWe offer schools creative learning workshops for students covering a wide range of the Key Stage 1- Key Stage 3 maths curriculum. The workshops are designed to cultivate students’ imagination and creativity, stimulate mathematical thinking, support the development of problem solving skills, develop students’ physical skills and movement quality, improve communication and encourage team work.



Maths Dance_Creative LearningMATHS DANCE also provides high quality and inspirational in school and out of school professional development workshops for teachers and support staff. These CPD workshops are designed to keep their professional practice up-to-date, effective and stimulating. Participants explore mathematical areas and ideas using their moving bodies, are given suggestions for creating their own MATHS DANCE lessons and engage in the creative process of building maths-inspired choreography. We aim to give teachers who are not dance specialists the confidence to incorporate MATHS DANCE into their teaching.


As part of its outreach programme ‘MATHS DANCE 4 All’, the company runs accessible and engaging educational community projects, advocating creativity in learning and particularly in Mathematics.



MATHS DANCE is about exploring, making sense of and communicating mathematics using our own moving bodies. It is an innovative, accessible, physical and fun way of teaching and learning curriculum mathematics through movement. Teachers and communities can use MATHS DANCE as an educational tool to bridge emotional and mental activity with learning processes as well as to overcome the fragmentation of the curriculum and follow a holistic teaching approach. For children it is a way to develop and enrich their mathematical thinking and understanding, their creativity and their problem solving, dancing and social skills. Being physical is at the core of any MATHS DANCE project. All workshops will promote the importance and benefits that being physically active has on both the body and mind.