Photo by Foteini Christofilopoulou

Undoubtedly, at first glance there seems to be no direct relation between mathematics and dance. However, these two ostensibly diverse fields intersect and Maths Dance seeks to present the explicit values and qualities that their interplay reveals.

I explore any social, political and aesthetic intersections between dance and mathematics. My main concern however remains what are the educational implications of the relationship between mathematics and dance. Through my longstanding and ongoing research I examine the place of a holistic educational model where all the curriculum subject areas are linked and taught together in a variety of educational settings as well as in the society in general.

The creative Maths Dance projects at schools and local communities reflect my vision for the establishment of this place as well as the beginning of coordination, convergence, cooperation and coexistence of disciplines stereotypically presented as different from each other as mathematics and dance. What I am basically doing is to connect mathematical knowledge to the children’s reality. Simple as that! After this connection is created mathematics automatically obtains meaning and cultural identity.

As a pedagogical proposal Maths Dance cultivates the anthropocentric values underpinning both dance and mathematics and supports a deeper engagement in learning and a meaningful knowledge building.